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Our team of Pittsburgh real estate experts are ready to help you with buying or selling your home!

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David Knight


Born and raised in the South Hills of Pittsburgh my parents were hard working and have instilled their work ethic in me from a young age. Having worked in customer service oriented jobs with restaurant management and having spend a number of years as an automotive mechanic I've learned to give the best customer service and to work diligently to get the job done right the first time with the best of results.

Whether buying or selling I David Knight will work diligently to achieve the best results. I take pride in providing my customers with the absolute best service I can deliver. Living in the Mon Valley for 10 plus years I've grown to love this area and take pride in knowing the market as well as the South Hills Area where I grew up. Call me today to see how I can help you achieve the American Dream!

What separates me from other agents

Everything I do, I give it my all with honesty, integrity, and YOUR best interest at the forefront.

I'm not the agent that takes a listing, snaps a few photos, throws a sign in the yard and hopes your home sells.
I will have PROFESSIONAL photo's taken to market your home,
I will market your home on social media (which other agents in my company will also be sharing) and all major real estate web sites.
I will give you suggestions on improvements you can make and how to stage your home to get it sold quicker and for more money.

I will answer you when you call or text me. If I can't physically get to the phone due to a meeting, I will send a message to acknowledge you called and that I will call you back as soon as possible.

I will treat you and your family with the utmost respect no matter whether you're buying a $400 house or a $4 million house.

I take pride in my work. I promise to give my customers the absolute best service and experience that I can possibly provide.

Unike some agents, I don't just want to sell you a house. I want to sell you the RIGHT house!

Office (724) 348-9300 Ext. 719
Mobile 412-758-5590
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