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Pam Quattrone
I've been licensed since 1993, an Associate Broker since 1996. I LOVE what I do! I really enjoy helping people move on with their plans. I love working with first time homebuyers, it's just the most fun to hand them their first set of keys to their new house! I also enjoy listing, along with the challenge of marketing to the buyers and agents in the West Penn Multi-List. Getting the best price possible, in the least amount of time, with the least hassle....that's my goal for my sellers!

I do this full time; it's not a hobby or a part-time job. I don't think it's fair to my clients not to be engaged in this full-time. I keep up with all the new laws and rules and regulations, and any upcoming new trends, by taking as many classes as I can. I have 3 Designations.....what does that mean to you? I know what I'm doing!!
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by Sarah F on Blank Business Name

Pam did such a fantastic job helping us to purchase our new home. The house was a house that I had claimed I wanted since I was a child, and even though we really just wanted to see it, we ended up moving mountains to buy it! There were a lot of hiccups along the way and Pam saw to it that everything went as smoothly and easy as possible. She even employed her own family to assist in minor repairs that were needed to pass the home inspection! On the day we signed the papers, everything was very organized and easy to handle. I highly recommend her and her company to anyone looking to make a real estate purchase. She really does go above and beyond to help her customers achieve their needs.

by Melissa M. on Blank Business Name

The only way I know to repay Pam is to tell others about how wonderful she is. Pam came at a time when I had lost all faith in Realtors. I began grouping them in the same category as lawyers, thinking they were only in it for the money. For over a year, my husband and I had been looking for a home, and came in contact with approximately 8 different Realtors. I wouldn't say that we were difficult clients. In fact, we knew exactly what we wanted. Unfortunately, all the Realtors tried to convince us otherwise. We grew to disgusted, that we simply gave up hope and continued renting for awhile. Once again, we decided to look for our dream home, and came across Pam's name on a Coldwell Banker sign. We figured we would give her a call, and I'm so thankful we did! Pam seemed to be heaven sent. We knew that she was different because she actually took the time to listen to what we wanted. When we would view a home, instead of breathing down our backs, she would give us time to discuss things privately. Since this was our first time buying, we had many questions. Pam made us feel that no questions was too trivial, and she always made the time to explain things in detail. She was never pushy, and I always felt a sense of trust. The day of our closing was a joyous occasion, yet I was sad that our time with Pam was over. Not only is she a wonderful Realtor, but she is also a wonderful person. Both are difficult to find. It is with the utmost confidence that I recommend Pam as your Realtor. Buying a home is too important to trust anyone else.

by Rev. Raymond U. on Blank Business Name

I have known Pam in three different settings. I first met Pam and her family when I was a pastor in Monongahela, Pa. Her father had died and I was asked to officiate for his funeral. This must have been nearly 16 years ago, I believe. I was quite taken by their devotion to their father in life and in death. Like many families who have lost a loved one, they wrestled with their loss and their pain. Even though they were struggling at the time over their own pain, they did not lessen their care and devotion towards their mother and fellow siblings and their families. I was quite taken by their devotion and commitment towards one another as a family. I do not see that kind of "glue" in families that I grew up with, in today's world. Pam and her family wanted to know more about a faith that was set aside for various reasons and so I continued to meet with them and share my thoughts and understand of God and His relationship to us and to His world. That comes to the "second setting" of knowing Pam Quattrone-as a friend. When I lived in the Middle East, in the country of Lebanon, I experienced devotion to friends and family like you would not believe. If you became a friend, regardless of your beliefs, you were a friend with a bond to the other. That is the kind of devotion Pam has, not only to her family, but to her friends as well. There is an unspoken promise, an assurance that she will be there, if you called for help or assistance. Where does one find that kind of devotion to others not connected by blood or marriage? The "third setting" of knowing Pam is as a homeowner. As a pastor, I have lived in parsonages for the past 42 years. I did not know the first thing about buying a home, owning a home and all that entails. Pam was there to guide me, and my family, from the beginning, middle and end of owning a home. Her dogged determination was not just to find a home, but to find me, as a person the home that would fit my needs, financially, physically, and emotionally. At not time did I feel "pressured" to commit to any of the many, many homes that Pam had suggested, She first sat me down and asked what my thoughts and needs were as to location, economics and physical structure. From there, we methodically set up times due to my limited time since I am still serving part-time in ministry and part-time clerking at a grocery store. Her patience is outstanding-she gathers more and more information because, I am sure, she has learned that clients do not always know themselves what they want or do not want in a home. I liked parts of this home and location of that and price yet on another, but there was not one home that was "fitting" who I was and what I wanted, not only for myself, but for my two older children. And then, there it was-the "hand-that-fit-the-glove". Or is it "the-glass-slipper-that-fit-the-foot"? 6414 Union Avenue-the home that was waiting for me to come home to. It was of a style that I grew up with but was younger. It met the needs of all of my family. The location was perfect for both of my work places. Pam walked me through all of the paperwork and introduced me to a financial advisor that I trusted. The mortgage was within my means as well as the utilities, taxes and upkeep. The most important words that Pam said to me were: "are you sure, are you pleased with what is being offered? I would like to believe that this is your 'home' and not just a house. Thanks to Pam, I have been happy-ever-after in "my home". Her devotion, her friendship and her determination to help find the right fit for prospective homeowners, is what I would say, as a pastor, "a calling" to real estate. They just don't make them like that anymore.

by Kelly K. on Blank Business Name

I'm writing this letter to recognize and compliment Pamela Quattrone for the outstanding job she in finding us our "dream home". It is refreshing to see an employee with such high standards focused around an excellent work ethic and sincere concern. We met Pam on our first house hunting trip. This was an "open house" hosted by Coldwell Banker. From the moment we met her, we felt very comfortable. This particular house was not the right price for us, but we did sign a buyer agency agreement with Pam. Well, little did she know how picky I am and that this would be a long, long relationship. We visited many homes throughout the Mon Valley for a little over a year. Every time we thought we were close, something always fell through. Throughout the year, Pam was unbelievable. She was very attentive and responsive. I can't tell you mow many times she responded to me late at night! The quality and sincerity of her service is highly commendable. Two months before our wedding, we began getting real scared since we had no where to live. We found a new construction home that was ideal. We gathered all our family, along with Pam and Dennis to go make an offer. Well, just as we pulled in front of the house, the seller was walking down the driveway with a "big smile" on his face. He said, "I just sold the house". We were devastated! Miraculously that same night, there was a new listing and the specifications met our criteria to a tee. Pam made arrangements that night at 10:00pm (if not later) with the selling agent for us to visit the next day. As we proceeded up the walkway to view the home and opened the door we knew this was "our home". Needless to say, Pam wrapped everything up quicker that you could imagine. We closed on March 20, 2 1/2 weeks before our wedding. I cannot tell you how pleased we are with Pam's service, loyalty, support, and the knowledge she has of her profession. As I said in the beginning, this was all new to us, but she stood by our side through thick and thin and now we are happily married and living in our "dream home". I wish Pam all the success she deserves and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is in search of a home.

by Jason & Jennifer M. on Blank Business Name

We are writing to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your help and support with both selling our home and helping us to find our dream home all in 3 months time! You were always available anytime we need to speak with you whether it was to ask a simple question or to show us a home we wanted to see. You were very accommodating to us, especially with Jason's long and busy work schedule. You assisted us evenings, weekends, and even a holiday, (The Fourth of July) you worked around our schedules which was a great help and sense of relief. We were pleased that our home sold in 7 weeks time, but that was also due to the extensive advertising that you did on our home, on the Coldwell Banker website, the virtual home tour, the Sunday paper real estate classified and in the Hometown Real Estate Magazine. Once we did find out dream home, you were meticulous about making sure everything was on schedule and happening within the designated timelines to ensure a smooth closing (home inspections, etc...) After everything was over, we received a card in the mail from you checking in on us and to see how we liked our new home. That was such a nice way to end our positive experience with you. We will continue to highly recommend you to potential home buys and sellers because we had the pleasure to experience both!

by Elaine & Brian B. on Blank Business Name

From the moment I called you I knew that you would do all you could to help us sell our house. At our first meeting I could tell that you thought our home was as special as we did, and you understood that even though we were building a new house we had mixed feelings about leaving our old one. Whenever I had any questions, you promptly returned my phone calls and the fact that you sold our house so quickly to a nice couple was a great relief to us. You really made the whole process a pleasant experience. Also at the closing when I was feeling sad to see our house to to someone else you surprised us with an Entertainment Book. This was such a special touch and we really appreciated it. We will be sure to tell anyone we know who is interested in buying or selling a home about the service we received from you.

by Donna & Jay on Blank Business Name

You're an awesome lady. Thanks for all you did so speedily in selling our home and allowing us to become residents of North Carolina, which is what we wanted for some time. Congrats on 20 big years in real estate!

by Ned & Nichole R. on Blank Business Name

Our names are Ned & Nichole Radulovich. Ned is a high school teacher with Apollo Ridge School District who teaches college history at nights while Nichole is an administrator with the University of Pittsburgh. Recently, we completed a move to Plum Borough from Carroll Township. Pamela Quattrone of Tri-County Real Estate was our listing and buying agent. She was also our buying agent when we bought our home in Carroll Township 3 1/2 years ago. None of these transactions would have went as smoothly without the professional competence and good cheer of Pamela Quattrone. We recommend her to anybody wishing to either sell or buy any property...they will not be disappointed. Pam is very knowledgeable about the Western PA real estate market, particularly the Mon Valley area. Combined with a solid knowledge of single family homes in general, this saves both buyers and sellers a great deal of time. Pam is always willing to give her "personal touch" to the situation...even to the extent of utilizing her husband Dennis and his solid experience in construction and renovating. Pam and Dennis's advice on the nuts and bolts of houses was always useful to us. It is not easy for real estate salespeople to travel with their clients to look at house after house. Pam and Dennis were always there for us in that respect which helped solidify our choices. Finally, Pam is extremely skilled in the latest real estate Internet software. She was able to get us "comps" in record time along with lists of what sold and for how much. This helped us to narrow our choices in the minimum amount of time. As can be seen from the above statements, we would recommend Pam Quattrone as buying or listing agent to anyone considering buying or selling their property.

by Christine H. on Blank Business Name

Pam was very attentive to our needs in finding the house we described; with forwarded listings and seeing numerous houses all in one day. She is very pleasant to work with and to have as our Realtor.

by Gary S. on Blank Business Name

I would recommend Pam and Costa Real Estate to anyone buying or selling a House. She helped me sell and buy multiple houses and did an outstanding job. Far above and beyond from other Realtors in my area. Thanks, and hopefully we will do business again soon.

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