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Homes in Mt. Lebanon Community School District 

Mt. Lebanon is a township in the suburbs of Pittsburgh located just 8.5 miles outside the city.  It attracts both young and old to their community. Mt. Lebanon is a true walking community that also offers 200 acres in parks and recreation availability.  They offer a recently renovated outdoor swimming pool with slides and a climbing wall, an ice rink, numerous sports fields, courts and play areas. Mt. Lebanon was incorporated as a “first class township” in 1912. It was a farming community until the arrival of streetcar lines which opened up daily commuting to downtown Pittsburgh.  Today, the Port Authority of Allegheny County continues to operate its light rail system with a stop in Mt. Lebanon which is an important element to the many working families that call the community home.

The Mt. Lebanon School District is an award winning school district that is also nationally recognized.  They offer seven elementary schools, two middle schools, and one recently renovated high school.  One unique feature about the school district is that they do not bus their students to school.

There is a home for everyone in Mt. Lebanon.  The area offers new houses for sale, existing small homes, modern homes, ranch style homes as well as larger 5 bedroom houses and even homes with a pool!

Need help with finding a real estate agent, or looking for tips on how to buy or sell a home?  Contact us today.  We offer many options in marketing your home and have processes in place to ensure a smooth transaction!

Mt. Lebanon High School

New Homes for Sale in Mt. Lebanon

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