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Select an Agent and Price 

Why Should You Choose Our Professionals?

The first decision that you need to make is whether to sell your property for sale by owner, or with a COSTA REAL ESTATE agent.  While it may seem like a better route to sell your property independently, there are a lot of downfalls to this process.

  • Time: prepping and staging your home to sell takes a lot of time that you may not be prepared for
  • Costs: there are a lot of upfront costs to selling a house like signs, photography, other marketing, etc that listing agents typically pay for.
  • Perception: potential buyers sometimes look at FSBO sellers as not being serious about selling their properties and tend to lean towards properties that are represented by agents.
  • Marketing: while you can post your home on social media and other places, you lack the number one place that markets to buyers, the MLS!
  • Liability: as an unlicensed individual you take the risk of making mistakes when completing contracts or other documents. 
  • Pricing: without training in market analysis, you could potentially price your home incorrectly and lose out on money in the end.

Now that we have looked at the downfalls of selling your property for sale by owner, let’s look at why you should choose a COSTA REAL ESTATE agent to assist you in the sale of your home.

  • Time: your COSTA REAL ESTATE agent will have the time to dedicate to selling your home and will make this sale a priority.
  • Costs: your COSTA REAL ESTATE agent will cover the costs of listing your home.  This means that they will pay for the signs, the photography, and the marketing involved in selling your home.  If your home doesn’t sell, you will not be out of this money.
  • Marketing: our networks are extensive, and we will work diligently to ensure that your property is advertised among our national, international, current client, and past client databases.  We will employ the most effective strategies to market and advertise your property.
  • Pricing:  COSTA REAL ESTATE agents know how to complete a comparative market analysis and determine the appropriate price for your house.  With this key information, they can ensure that your house will sell for top dollar and put more money in your pocket!
  • Paperwork: we will make sure to guide you through the complicated paperwork involved, from the initial agreement to the final documents.

What To Look For In An Agent

The following are a couple of factors to keep in mind when looking for a listing agent:

1. Education: the most important factor in choosing a real estate professional is their education in the real estate industry. Our professionals have advanced training and education, allowing them to be among the top agents in the area.

2. Experience and Expertise: you want a full-time agent who is familiar with your area and with the type of property you intend to sell. Does he or she employ a diverse range of marketing and advertising strategies? How tech-savvy is your agent? How many similar properties has he or she been able to sell in the past?

3. Availability and Commitment: your agent should be capable of prompt and decisive action during the course of selling your property. Does your agent make it a point to keep in touch with you constantly? Can your agent easily be contacted in case of emergencies or even for the simplest questions? Is your agent available on the weekends or in the evenings when most buyers are out looking?

4. Rapport: does your agent take the time to listen to your goals and clarify your needs? Can your agent understand your unique situation and be genuinely concerned about the outcome of the process? Your listing agent will be your guide and partner in this crucial decision, so it is important to find one with whom you can get along.

What Is Your Property Worth?

Determining the price of your property is probably one of the most important pieces of selling your home.  To determine the price of your home, your COSTA REAL ESTATE agent will complete a comparative market analysis.  The CMA will be completed in the following steps:

  • The agent will find three homes that have sold in the past three to six months that are similar and located close as possible.
  • Next the agent will compare these homes to ensure that they are similar in the following aspects
    1. Lot size
    2. Square footage
    3. Age and condition of property
    4. Bedrooms
    5. Bathrooms
    6. Sale date
    7. Special features
    8. Terms of financing
  • Once the agent looks at all the factors of each of the homes presented, he or she is able to determine an appropriate price and list your home for sale!

Click on a link below to learn more about the home selling process. 

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